Homemade Diaper Salve


I made this diaper salve for when Logan was born and it worked wonders. If he had any sort of rash, this would clear it up overnight. It is a bit thicker so spreading it on a sore area isn’t the easiest but we made it work and it was well worth it! – Dr. Angie

You can also use it on cuts and scrapes since it lasts a long time for when your kids are out of diapers. It’s much more than just diaper salve!


  • 1 cup olive oil, infused with calendula blossoms
  • 3⁄4 cup beeswax
  • 1 tsp. vitamin E
  • Few drops pure lavender essential oil per container


  1. To infuse oil, fill glass jar with calendula blossoms. Cover herbs with oil completely, plus 1 inch extra oil above the herbs. Store in a warm sunny window and steep 3–4 weeks, shaking jar every few days. Then strain through a fine mesh sieve, and rebottle infused calendula oil for use.


  1. Heat infused oil on low heat. Stir in beeswax and continue stirring until it has melted. Test for proper consistency by putting a few drops on a teaspoon and placing spoon in the freezer. In a few minutes the salve will have hardened to its finished consistency. When making salve, you will need approximately 5 teaspoons beeswax per ounce of infused oil to get a nice firm salve. If you want a salve that is more solid, add more beeswax accordingly.


Add hot oil/beeswax to clean jars. Add a few drops of vitamin E and pure lavender essential oil to each jar. Label and store in cool, dark location like a cupboard.

Where to find the ingredients:

You can typically find calendula blossoms in the bulk section of a food coop or natural food store. You can find the lavender and vitamin E also at the coop or many great companies carry essential oils as well such as YoungLiving or DoTerra. This time around, we ordered the tins and beeswax from the Mountain Rose Herbs website.

Here’s to happy babies from Drs. Robyn and Angie – both with additional training as pediatric chiropractors in Chanhassen πŸ™‚