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Chanhassen Chiropractors Top 5 Items for Your “Medicine” Cabinet

We grew up with Tylenol, Benadryl, and Neosporin in times of need. Now that we have kids, we tend to not think twice about the safety or necessity of these products. Just check out the ingredients in Infants’ Tylenol – parabens, artificial dyes, artificial sweeteners and more. What if there were better options with safe ingredients and not potentially harmful available to use?

Chanhassen Chiropractor

There are! You just don’t know about them since you don’t see them on TV commercials. You can slowly replace items or clear it all out at once to start over. I want to present the top five items in our medicine cabinet for bumps, bruises, burns and more.


  1. Arnica Montana – This homeopathic remedy best used for bumps, bruises and swelling. Unlike Tylenol, arnica is not toxic to the liver. This remedy is great to use for the instance of any type of traumatic injury. To read more on this amazing remedy, check out this website.
  2. Lavender oil – There are so many phenomenal essential oils. That could be a blog in itself. This oil is great to apply to burns as a soothing agent. Simply apply 2-3 drops to the affected area. Also, this is a very calming oil that can be used in time of heightened emotions in children.  Or adults. 🙂 Place a couple drops in the water for a relaxing bath.
  3. Bone broth – Okay, so technically this is in your freezer but this is a must-have on hand.  Broth that is made from bones is filled with a ton of nutrients. When it is cooked long enough, gelatin is also extracted from the bones making it a great source of protein and amino acids. This item comes in handy during cases of fever. If you’ve ever heard Grandma say, “feed a cold, starve a fever”, there is merit to it according to how the immune system responds. Unlike plain water, it is loaded with minerals keeping a child better hydrated. And it’s soothing to the throat!
  4. Aloe vera plant – This is a fairly easy plant to keep alive and great to have for those “just in case moments”. It can be applied directly but it’s a little gooey, so I prefer adding it to coconut oil as an applicator to burns. Here is a study reporting its effectiveness at healing burns quicker than Vaseline gauze.
  5. Belladonna – A great homeopathic remedy used in cases of heat, red/flushed face and restless sleep. This is a fantastic children’s remedy. Once you begin learning more about the benefits of homeopathy, you may even consider purchasing a First Aid kit with the most commonly used remedies. Here is one that was recommended to us. If you have any questions, my friend Cilla Whatcott, HD (RHom) CCH practices Classical Homeopathy in Chaska with Family Homeopathy Care.

Bonus: Don’t forget CHIROPRACTIC and the relationship with the nervous system for any issue! We are here for you so don’t hesitate to ask if it’d be appropriate to get checked in times of sickness, emotional outbursts, sleeping issues and more!


What’s in your “medicine” cabinet that’s less than conventional?

Dr. Angie