Top 5 Foods for On-The-Go from Chanhassen Chiro

Now there is obviously a lot of variables in this but I often get asked – How do you eat healthy on-the-go?

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Logan and Mason eating bananas at the zoo

Answer: Be prepared. And…think outside the box.

We are used to fast-food restaurants and gas station food on road trips. With a little extra planning, you can have nutritious food for road trips, driving between practices and those “just in case” moments.

My top 5 foods for on-the-go (that my toddler also enjoys)

1. Snack Sticks (or Beef Sticks depending where you are from 😉

Grass-Run Farms ships for FREE when you order a case. 100% grass fed. Yes, they are $1/stick but that is the cost of beef fed good food and raised properly. No MSG, no gluten, no antibiotics! You can also get these locally at several places like LakeWinds in the Twin Cities.

2. Larabars

Most flavors are a mixture of dates, fruits and/or nuts. You can shop around or look for deals in stores when they are $1/bar but if you don’t want to wait for a sale, you can typically find them on Amazon for $1.25/bar.

3. Raisins

These are easier for road trips as they are not super messy. They are a source of fruit sugar so you still don’t want to over-indulge but I do think these are a better option than your local fast-food place. 🙂

4. Deli meat

You can find decent deli meet at your local coop. That’s probably the easiest place to find it or if your grocery store carries Applegate. Their website has a locator so that you can find the nearest store that sells it. This brand is casein, gluten and dairy free for those trying to eliminate these foods. Another option in a pinch is their hotdogs as well, whether for grilling out, lunch or on-the-go.

5. Veggies & Fruit

Some of the ones that are easier to travel with are: cucumbers, bell peppers, apple slices, bananas and grapes. Remember, I have a toddler, so right now, we steer clear of messier food items when in the car. As your children grow and become cleaner eaters, there are endless possibilities!

And not to leave out drinks: we usually do VitaCoco coconut water or just water. If it spills, it’s clear. We save the Dynamic Greens for at home. 🙂

What to you love to travel with?

Yours in Health,

Dr. Angie