Fun Alternatives to Halloween Candy in Chanhassen

As Halloween creeps closer don’t fear about your little goblins craving those not-so-good-for-you sweets…


 Become a trendsetter for your neighborhood and pass out FUN and healthier alternatives!

Alternatives to Candy in Chanhassen

  1. Bulk Bags of Organic Lollipops (found on Amazon)
  2. Halloween Stickers: A dozen per sheet costs less than $2
  3. Glow in the dark vampire fangs
  4. Fake mustaches
  5. Temporary tattoos
  6. Finger lamps (Amazon)

Candy Trade-In with Parents!

A fabulous idea to avoid a week of sugar bingeing and preventing behavioral issues =)

  1. After a night of Trick-Or-Treating have your kiddos dump their bag of candy on the floor.
  2. Perform bargains and trade-ins for fun alternatives and healthier treats-you decide how many pieces of candy for each item!

Trade-in options:

  1. Fruit leathers
  2. Lara bars
  3. Glow-in-the-Dark sticky eyes, hands etc
  4. Play dough
  5. Animal noses
  6. Glow-in-the-dark anything really =)

Or even one toy/activity that your little goblin has been asking about for a while! Experiences you make with your children are worth 1,000 candy bars.

What are your fun alternatives you would add?