Food Sensitivity Testing

By Dr. Angela Graper

There are many options these days for food sensitivity testing. One of the best ways is an elimination diet but that can be daunting and time consuming. It can also mean that your “cheat” meals create underlying inflammation without knowing it. At Family Focus Chiropractic, we offer several tests that measure sensitivities to foods, which tests different immunoglobulins compared to getting allergy testing done.

More information on intestinal permeability resulting in inflammatory and autoimmune conditions found in Alternative Therapies here.


Perhaps you’ve read about Cyrex testing in the books Grain Brain or Primal Body, Primal Mind. We have this testing available. The two panels that we utilize the most are Array 3 and Array 4. Array 3 tests all of the following of gluten sensitivity:

Cyrex Array 4

This panel is $325 plus a phlebotomy fee depending where you get your blood drawn. We have a lab that we refer patients to that charges $35.

In some individuals, gluten-free is not enough to allow their body heal. In order to see what else a person is reacting to and creating inflammation, we recommend the Array 4 that includes testing all of the following:

Cyrex Array 4

This panel is $225 plus a phlebotomy fee and can be paid directly to Cyrex and the lab.

 Our goal is to help provide the answers you need to feel the best. Through integrity and perseverance, we want to help as many people as we can!