1. How much is a visit? 

That is dependent on your goals. If your goal is wellness and true preventative care, we have a variety of options including: pay as you go $45/visit, package plans of 4 ($40/visit), 8 ($37.50/visit) or 12 ($35/visit) appointments as well as memberships where you pay an introductory fee for 3, 6 or 12 months and only pay $30/visit. Therapies such as myofascial release, ultrasound, electrical muscle stim, etc are included. You can also add on family members to this plan. Pay as you go kid visits are $35.

Insurance: it’s all dependent on your plan so call the office at 952-474-1949 and we can look up your benefits and go over them with you. Remember, insurance only pays for acute care such as pain, reduced range of motion so if you’re coming in for a “check up” then that would be considered a wellness visit.

2. Do I have to have an exam?

Short answer: Yes. We would not be doing our job properly if we didn’t do a proper history and examination. Think of it this way – would you ask your MD to forego an exam?

3. Do you only see kids? 

No, we see a variety of ages and conditions. We like to say that we help the entire family. We do, however, have a lot of extra training in pediatrics and treat a many kids as a result.

4. Do you have other services at your clinic?

Yes!! We recently teamed up with several other businesses that are within our office space to make your health as efficient as possible. In our office, we have TCM Wellness Acupuncture, Jade Counseling and The Massage Space. To schedule, contact the business you’d like to work with and often, you can combine your adjustment with one of their services.