Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel pain is ZERO FUN!!

Perhaps you’re just “living with the pain” or pain relievers help you sleep but have you considered trying chiropractic?

Chiropractors specialize on musculoskeletal complaints and yes, we work on wrists!! A lot of people don’t know we can work on arms and legs too. 😉

The tricky part is that wrist pain is not always caused by issues in the wrist but actually the forearm, shoulder and even the neck! I don’t have specific statistics but in my experience, I see most of the underlying cause coming from the shoulder and neck. I’d estimate that this is the case 7-8/10 times when a person has a complaint of wrist pain and numbness into their hand.

Carpal Tunnel
Nerves of the arm

How can we help?

We make sure the joints in the arm and neck are moving properly so that the nerve going to your hand is as healthy as possible. We are also trained in manual therapies and therapeutic exercises to help the muscle tension that usually accompanies the problem. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves to help you get relief. At Family Focus, we are also big proponents of giving you exercises and stretches to help facilitate healing in between visits.


STORY: One of my favorite stories is of a patient that had decreased grip strength worsening over a number of years. The wrist pain was getting so bad that they even had difficulty driving. Everyone responds differently but in this case, from working on the cause instead of the symptoms, they reported an increase in grip strength after only a few visits. Wow!! This had been going on for approximately seven years and the patient was even told that they weren’t a candidate for surgery. Probably a good thing as I’m guessing it wouldn’t have helped since the problem was in their shoulder (pec major muscle) and neck (where the brachial plexus originates)!

Next time you’re experiencing wrist pain or hand numbness – contact your chiropractor! If you’re in the southwest metro, we’d love to help you get relief.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Graper, CACCP